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Luminet unveils its Private Edition Programme with a spectacular launch

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Luminet recently hosted the inaugural launch of its Private Edition Programme – an exclusive invitation to selected public and private enterprise utilities to become part of its online software platform, Luminet World.
In its quest to provide an optimal solution for businesses to connect to customers with ease and relevance, Luminet has developed an internet-based software platform which can deliver exactly that.


Consumers are overloaded and confused by the barrage of communication content that they need to navigate to find meaningful services rendered. Enterprises are also faced with the challenge of connecting with the end user to provide meaningful product and service information. We call this phenomenon ‘channel overload’ and ‘channel blurring’. This disconnect is ubiquitous. Through Luminet World enterprises and consumers are able to focus their needs and wants and connect to each other in a simple and meaningful way. Once enterprises are able to find the right channels to connect with their end users, they will also be able to sharpen their understanding of end user needs. Also, through Luminet World consumers are provided with the correct channel to find what they need and make their communication to the service providers more meaningful. Enterprises and Consumers can now see each other in a clear and focused manner. In this way Luminet World becomes the lens in which Enterprises and Consumers communicate and transact with ease and relevance.


“Irrespective of how much telecommunications, bandwidth and capacity enterprises invest in their corporate and operational networks, reaching and communicating meaningfully with their customers still remains a challenge,” says Reuben September, Chairman and CEO of Luminet Group. “Together we have the potential to change your business and the industry in a new and living way.”

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