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“Transformational leadership is needed at an industry level; and for this change to be brought about in a new and living way.”
Reuben September (2010)


About Luminet

In his previous tenure in the corporate world, Reuben September gained valuable insights into the challenges enterprises experience in simply communicating with their customers. Simply put, Reuben realised that irrespective of how much telecommunications, bandwidth and capacity enterprises invest in their enterprise networks, the art of reaching and communicating meaningfully with their customers and employees still remains a challenge for many.

Luminet is the realisation of a long-term dream: to create a unique and special online space for enterprises and consumers – people – to transact in simple and trusted ways.

True communication only takes place when people connect as people, and providing the correct solution, is what is missing. A fundamental change is needed – a change that requires true leadership: the leadership that changes more than just your company, but changes the industry and the people within which it operates – in a new and living way.


Luminet Group has a B-BBEE accreditation rating of Level 1, thereby answering most assertively to the South African government’s call on all its citizens to advance the developmental state of its economy and the upliftment of its previously disadvantaged communities. Luminet is well poised to make an even greater contribution to the South African economy through its strong market position and growth potential.

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The Luminet Group

Luminet Group is the realisation of the dream to make it easier for enterprises and consumers to communicate and transact.

Luminet Group owns and operates a Platform of Platforms (PoP) - an integrated network of platform systems that collectively provide the functionality of enterprise management, user and device behavioural analytics, mediation and network connectivity, and machine-to-machine connectivity. This is the basis of the online software platform we call Luminet World, for which Luminet Group has a patent pending.

Luminet Group comprises of 5 subsidiary units:

  • Luminet Communications – The customer facing unit of Luminet, responsible for the development and operation of Luminet World.

  • Luminet Facilities - Sourcing and managing property leases on behalf of the Group.

  • Luminet Infrastructure Services - Providing end-to-end connectivity solutions for the Group’s operations.

  • Luminet Outsourcing - Our habitat for businesses outsourced to Luminet and an incubator for Luminet products & services.

  • Luminet Investments - Sourcing the necessary funding for the Group projects.

  • Our Vision, Mission and Value statements

    Our Vision

    To be globally recognised by 2020 as a key enabler for the business success of our enterprise customers in the relationship with their consumers

    Our Mission

    Through Luminet enterprises and consumers communicate and transact with ease and relevance

    Our Brand Philosophy

    Our philosophy is not only to empower the first world enterprise market through our products and services, but deliberately also reach the under- and undeveloped markets at reasonable prices

    Our People Values

    We strive to develop a shared value system that permeates all our aspirations, policies, attitudes and actions based on excellence, teamwork and integrity

    Our Customer Values

    We strive to deliver consistently to our customers a unique and satisfying User Experience, with Value promised and delivered and Trust earned and preserved

    Our Product Values

    Our products are designed around our customers, created with innovation and passion and engineered for quality performance

    Our Environmental Values

    We care for the citizens, economy and natural environment in all the countries in which we are privileged to do business

    Reuben has been a pioneer within the African telecommunications industry for the past 35 years. He holds a B.SC (Eng). He also attended the Executive Leadership Programme at Stanford University. Reuben started his career at the Department of Post and Telecommunications (predecessor to Telkom SA Limited) as pupil technician and later an engineer from where he progressed to Group CEO. His success includes achievements across the entire spectrum of ICT activities. Reuben was instrumental in leading projects as varied as the world-class National Network Operations Centre at Centurion, participating in several major enterprise solutions for corporate customers and pioneering submarine systems such as Afrolinque (SAT3/WASC/SAFE) and EASSY. He played a significant leadership role in WACS and as Group CEO of Telkom he led the establishment of Telkom’s Data Centre business branded Cybernest, and was instrumental in the landmark sale of Telkom’s share in Vodacom, which enabled the company to launch its own mobile offering. Reuben successfully delivered a world-class network for the 2010 FIFA World Cup with unprecedented service quality and performance. In 2011 he formed the company Reuben September Consulting (Pty) Ltd and Luminet Group. He is now focusing his attention on leading the Luminet Group.
    Alberto graduated with a B.Com in Business Economics and Industrial Psychology and holds an MBA from Duke University. During his 30 years of service at Siemens, he held various positions including various CFO roles both in South Africa and Italy. He was responsible for the newly formed Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions until his retirement at the end of 2006. Alberto continues in various consulting roles where he deals with corporate development issues related to contracts, joint ventures, funding and the full scope of merger and acquisition activities.
    Greg has 16 years of experience and knowledge that he brings to Luminet. He holds a BSc (Eng) and he finished top of his MBA class at Oxford Brookes University in 2003. His work experience includes software development, technical sales, business consulting and account management: selling Siemens Value Added Services systems (Mobile TV, Ringback tones) into Vodacom (2004-2007), and supporting the first 3G/UMTS contract in SA. From 2005-2009 he managed various technical sales teams within Nokia Siemens Networks across a diverse range of countries and cultures in the Middle East. Greg spent 2 years as a member of the Global Strategy team within Nokia Siemens Networks, working on multiple international projects in the areas of VAS and OTT services. In 2012 he founded his own strategic consulting firm, ConnectedFutures (Pty) Ltd, focused on strategy and scenario planning, which led him to the opportunity at Luminet.
    Rolan has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over eight years of experience in the IT, Internet and telecoms field. He has experience ranges from technology and innovation lifecycle management; business and technology strategy development and implementation; business and product development; research and development, as well as management consulting. Rolan started his career as an independent technology consultant to Telkom. He then moved on as a lead developer and co-owner of Darote. At Darote he developed various apps, one of which won an international award. Some of his Telkom highlights include working on various group technology strategies projects and defining marketing strategies and Internet partnerships models for telecom consumer facing products. Rolan also worked for KPMG South Africa as a management consultant specialising in technology. He won and led the African team’s component of an international project for the United Nations (UN) International Telecommunications Union (ITU). A first for KPMG South Africa.
    Filipe completed his National Diploma in Technology (Telecommunication: Electrical) and started with Telkom as a trainee. His career progressed to senior management level, covering the disciplines of Network Fundamental & Strategic Planning and Technical Product Planning. Filipe then moved to Telkom’s world class National Network Operations Centre where he was responsible for the Operations of Telkom SA’s Core Network. Filipe was appointed the Chief Technical Officer at Telkom’s Mobile (CDMA) Subsidiary in Nigeria, responsible for Technology, Network Build and Network Operations. He spent a years in Telkom SA’s International Operations Support Division providing support on Network and Technology aspects. Filipe was intimately involved with the national and international network operations and processes leading to the highly successful delivery of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.