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The Luminet Private Edition Programme

A brand new era of customer engagement is here. The Luminet Private Edition Programme is an introduction phase of Luminet World designed for an exclusive group of progressive private and public enterprises interested in changing the way in which they communicate and transact with their end-users (consumers, employees and citizens).

Through the Luminet Private Edition Programme, participating enterprises will be given the opportunity to identify and connect with end-users in a way that is unique, personal and meaningful. This is something that up until now has been very difficult to do. Participating Private Edition Programme enterprises are provided with access to a secure portal on the Luminet platform, through which it will be possible to communicate and transact with an ever-increasing set of end-users. These are ultimately the consumers of your products and services.

The Luminet Private Edition Programme is an impactful solution for enterprises and consumers to communicate and transact with ease and relevance.

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